10 Women photographers! I like. #9 Aysha Banos

Aysha Banos
Age: 22
Location: NYC

Bio from I still shoot film .org
Camera: Canon AE-1 (was my grandfathers)
Fav Films: 35mm Portra 160 / Portra 400

Aysha on why she shoots film:

“My first experience shooting film was in my Freshman year of college, in 2009. I learned how to shoot and develop both color and black and white film, which was great. My grandfather gave me the 35mm camera I use and after he passed away, a year and a half ago, I made an oath to only shoot film in honor of him. Since then, I have found a new love for film. I love its accuracy and grain, the lack of detail yet elaborate enough for a beautiful focused image. Its interesting how much I notice how many times people look at the back of their cameras after they take a photograph, I pity their impatience. Film has taught me the virtue of patience, the concept that there is no immediate satisfaction. Its makes the unknowable so precious and it pushes me to go forward and leap into the clandestine world.”






















10 Women photographers! I like. # 10 Cari Ann Wayman


Cari Ann Wayman’s about page decribes har as – a 24 year old girl from Northern Illinois, U.S.A. she mostly makes self portrait pictures in abandoned buildings.  she is available for commissioned photo-shoots, weddings, image licensing, and any other sort of project.  cariwayman@gmail.com










Milton Rogovin

Social documentary photographer Milton Rogovin has been likened to the great social documentary photographers of the 19th and 20th Centuries, Lewis Hine and Jacob Riis. Milton, who lived to be 101 years old, dedicated his lifetime to creating photographs that speak of the humanity of working people, the poor and the forgotten ones. Milton’s photographs are a part of the documentary photography collections of the Library of Congress, the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Center for Creative Photography and other distinguished institutions around the world.

What I enjoy about Milton Rogvin’s photography is the simplicity of his work. That every day to day life of people. He definitely is a inspiration to me.  Some of his images remind me of growing up as a kid in New York from the 60’s and 70’s.






Photoshop CS6 in Ubuntu

Now that Adobe has plans to sell the Photoshop software as a subscription, charging a monthly fee to use the software in the Creative Cloud. CS6 will be the last version of the standalone software you will be able to buy. So if you are running it on Mac, Windows,. Adobe says it will work with the next version of there OS release. Beyond who knows my guess is it will probable work a few more version of there OS releases. Unless they make a drastic change. Another option is to install the software on Ubuntu ( Linux OS ). Im running Ubuntu 13.4 on a second hard drive in my PC that I use as my main OS.

When you install Ubuntu go to the software centrer and install Wine, Wine will run most Windows software.


After you have Wine installed. Find your Adobe .exe file right click and open with wine.


You should see a screen similar to this one below.


Then Just fallow the instillation instructions.


After the instillation is complete,You should Have a PS icon on your desktop to launch the software.


That’s it Photoshop should be up and running. One last thing in closing it tends to run a bit glitchy. Im sure its because to run it in Linux you have to run it in a second party software inside the OS.

Ubuntu_PhotoshopCS6 _Splash

Black and White Portait

Black and White photography is versatile and can bring a quality to some photos that colour just cant achieve, from photography subjects ranging from portraits to landscapes. It works with all kinds of lighting from dark to light and portrays moods extremely well. There is a photographer I found on 500px. Who does some impressive portrait in Black n White most of his subjects look like homeless people to me which works well with his grungy style  they have a shabby, dirty feeling to there character and condition. Im not sure but his photos look as though they are processed using Nik Silver Efex Pro and then the Filter Tonal Contrast found in Nik Color Efex pro’s. Not sure but that’s my guess.

You can check him out at 500px Lee Jeffries






Silvia Georgieva

Silvia GeorgievaI love this photo by Silvia Georgieva.

Silvia Georgieva: Iwas born in 1976 in Sofia, Bulgaria where I live until now.

The moment that changed my perceptions of the world and opened my senses to the surrounding realm was the moment of giving birth to my daughter in 2009. I don’t try to rationalize the fact that my passion to photography was born together with my girl, but the love I felt provoked and sharpened my whole existence. That is how it all started – no one else could see my daughter the way I did. So beautiful she was.

For those four years up to the moment photography is my way to enjoy the world, to share the beauty and to love and feel loved. It’s my manner to feel an artist next to being a lawyer all day long. My imagination is drawn by every detail I see or feel, my passion for life is enhanced with  each captured moment and I shoot just everything.

Recently I experiment working with different films in square format. I inherited unique Rolleiflex, produced in the 40s. Great camera!

So thank you all for your attention and thank to those who are criticizing me, helping me to become better and broaden my horizons.


William Klein




William Klein (born April 19, 1928) is a photographer and filmmaker noted to for his ironic approach to both media and his extensive use of unusual photographic techniques in the context of photojournalism and fashion photography.He was ranked 25th on Professional Photographer’s Top 100 Most influential photographers.

Klein was born in New York, New York, on April 19, 1928, into an impoverished Jewish family.Klein graduated from high school early and enrolled at the City College of New York at the age of 14 to study sociology. Klein joined the US Army and was stationed in Germany and later France, where he would permanently settle after being discharged. In 1948.

Free Photographer


With the growing ease of using a 35mm SLR more and more photographers are popping up all over the place. For those of us who photography has been our passion for most of our lives this is very frustrating. The shoot and burners will shoot your wedding for little or no money. Yep for free! but as the old saying goes you get what you pay for. But the relationship with a wedding couple and there photographer is one of the most important services you will experience on you wedding day in my opinion. The photographer is the only vendor that will be there all day with you from being to the end shooting you getting ready for your big day, till you leave to go on you honeymoon. So its important you have a good relationship with your photographer, and I’m not sure that comes for free.
This is the new world that we live in as photographers, I refuse to diminish my art by giving it away for free. To be successful in the world of photography now you will just have to work hard at your art and build great customer relation. be creative offer more to your customers  then a burnt CD. and most of all ” STOP GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE” we all should be paid for the hard work we put in crafting our art., producing quality photos and spending hours editing them. You deserve to be compensated for you work.

COLOR Films developed in B/W chemicals

Ive tryed devolping color film before in Black and White Developer with no luck.. I found some people who had sucess with this so I gave it another try.. I used Kodak Ultra Max 400.. Ilford 3 Developer..

Devoloper Ilford 3.
68 degrees for 15min
Ilford Stopbath 3min
Ilford Fixer 5min

COLOR Films developed in B-W
This one was soaked in hydrogen peroxide for 3min
This one was soaked in Bleach for 3min

This one was soaked in hydrogen peroxide for 3min
This one was soaked in hydrogen peroxide for 3min