Photoshop CS6 in Ubuntu

Now that Adobe has plans to sell the Photoshop software as a subscription, charging a monthly fee to use the software in the Creative Cloud. CS6 will be the last version of the standalone software you will be able to buy. So if you are running it on Mac, Windows,. Adobe says it will work with the next version of there OS release. Beyond who knows my guess is it will probable work a few more version of there OS releases. Unless they make a drastic change. Another option is to install the software on Ubuntu ( Linux OS ). Im running Ubuntu 13.4 on a second hard drive in my PC that I use as my main OS.

When you install Ubuntu go to the software centrer and install Wine, Wine will run most Windows software.


After you have Wine installed. Find your Adobe .exe file right click and open with wine.


You should see a screen similar to this one below.


Then Just fallow the instillation instructions.


After the instillation is complete,You should Have a PS icon on your desktop to launch the software.


That’s it Photoshop should be up and running. One last thing in closing it tends to run a bit glitchy. Im sure its because to run it in Linux you have to run it in a second party software inside the OS.

Ubuntu_PhotoshopCS6 _Splash


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