Oli Sansom – Melbourne Photographer

A lovely way to cap off the year. I found Oli Sansomwhen working on some lightroom images, Im always looking something different in look and format. As I grow my Business. There is something very different in Oli Sansom approach to his photography I like the angles from where he Takes his photos..

© www.olisansom.com

© www.olisansom.com


Melbourne Wedding Photographer Oli Sansom



Sprocket Rocket Fake

Sprocket Rocket Fake

I created a photoshop psd of the Sprocket Rocket camera.
It had a light leak, Split tone and Filmstrip in it,You can download it for free.


Sprocket Rocket

More ROKUNAR 80-200mm

LOL, every time I use this lens I have to laugh I’ve spent alot of money on len’es. But this is such a cool lens to use, and the pictures I get from it, I truly love. Not bad for a 3$ lens So go find some cheap lens…

Lomography Earl Gray 100 BnW Film

I developed my first roll of Lomography Earl Gray 100, And I think this is a rally good film, I may have I over developed the film but I will spend a lot of time working with this film, Because I do like the way the pictures came out. It looks alot like Ilford 400 to me.
I used Ilford Developer to develop this roll once I feel I have a good idea of the beat times and temp for developing the film. I will try to Develop it with caffenol.

Developer 9min at 68*f
Stop Bath 30 sec
Fixer 3min

Caffenol C at the park

The more I use Caffenol C as a developer the more I find its definitely is harder to work with. Then your traditional developers. I do like the look of the images it produces. What I do love about caffenol is that it capturing todays life as it was from a time lost and forgoten. Photograhy away from the digital world.

Sigma 28 – 70 f3.5

Here is another 5$ Lens I got off ebay and adapted it to work on my Nikon D5100. This is a Sigma 28 – 70mm f3.5 in the picture below you can see where I glued the rear lens cap to a body cap. so I can use it in my Nikon. When the lens was manufactured by Sigma it was design to work on a Minolta I believe. One of the things I look for when buying a lens off of a place like ebay is to see if they have the rear cap for the lens. So I can adapt it to my Nikon.

This is a caffenol negative. That I took a picture with this lens.


Caffenol C / Over Developed

I Over Developed the film I let it in the developing tank too long somewhere around 15min. It still had some images I was able to scan. And edit in lightroom, I think around 12min works the best, when developing with caffenol. Im going to try to prefect this method of developing. Wish me luck.

These photos were taken with my Minolta Maxxum 7000