Free Photographer


With the growing ease of using a 35mm SLR more and more photographers are popping up all over the place. For those of us who photography has been our passion for most of our lives this is very frustrating. The shoot and burners will shoot your wedding for little or no money. Yep for free! but as the old saying goes you get what you pay for. But the relationship with a wedding couple and there photographer is one of the most important services you will experience on you wedding day in my opinion. The photographer is the only vendor that will be there all day with you from being to the end shooting you getting ready for your big day, till you leave to go on you honeymoon. So its important you have a good relationship with your photographer, and I’m not sure that comes for free.
This is the new world that we live in as photographers, I refuse to diminish my art by giving it away for free. To be successful in the world of photography now you will just have to work hard at your art and build great customer relation. be creative offer more to your customers  then a burnt CD. and most of all ” STOP GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE” we all should be paid for the hard work we put in crafting our art., producing quality photos and spending hours editing them. You deserve to be compensated for you work.


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