10 Women photographers! I like. #9 Aysha Banos

Aysha Banos
Age: 22
Location: NYC

Bio from I still shoot film .org
Camera: Canon AE-1 (was my grandfathers)
Fav Films: 35mm Portra 160 / Portra 400

Aysha on why she shoots film:

“My first experience shooting film was in my Freshman year of college, in 2009. I learned how to shoot and develop both color and black and white film, which was great. My grandfather gave me the 35mm camera I use and after he passed away, a year and a half ago, I made an oath to only shoot film in honor of him. Since then, I have found a new love for film. I love its accuracy and grain, the lack of detail yet elaborate enough for a beautiful focused image. Its interesting how much I notice how many times people look at the back of their cameras after they take a photograph, I pity their impatience. Film has taught me the virtue of patience, the concept that there is no immediate satisfaction. Its makes the unknowable so precious and it pushes me to go forward and leap into the clandestine world.”






















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