Caffenol C / Lomography

My second attempt to develop film using Caffenol C, I used my Contina Camera that I got off ebay for 5$. This camera has a Lomography feel and look to it. I used a different formula then the first time I tried to develop black and white film using coffee. This time the film came out much better then the first time I tried it. A deeper darker grain. I did let it just stand develop for 3 min after agitating for 9 min, The first time I just developed it for 9 min with no standing.

1950s Zeiss Ikon Contina Vintage Rangefinder 35mm Film Camera 526/24 45mm Novar

Film I used.

Kodak 100 Tmax

Caffenol-C film developer
Water 8 oz
Arm & Hammer Washing Soda 2½ tsp (level)
Vitamin C powder ¼ tsp (level)
Folger’s Coffee Crystals 4 tsp (slightly rounded, NOT decaf)

Developing time.
9 min agitate 3 times every min
3 min stand
Stop with room temp water.


Let solution stand for about 5 minutes

I use Iford rapid fixer

Flushed with room temp water 3 times
final flush water with automatic dish-washing liquid.
8oz water with 1 tsp dish-washing liquid

I use a traditional stainless steel tank.


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